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What Is The Best Time to Visit Ha Giang?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Let me guess. You checked the weather forecast for riding Ha Giang Loop and it doesn't look good. During summer it says it's gonna rain heavily, with big storms, and during winter that it's gonna be too cold. Just forget it. Even if this Vietnamese province can be unpredictable sometimes, in this article we will give you some tips to understand what you will find during your journey. And, believe us, it's far better than what you expected.


January to March

The dry season in Northern Vietnam and time for the flowers to bloom. This means you will enjoy a sunny and safe ride along Ha Giang Loop. But remember to get yourself a big jacket, scarf, and gloves. During this season it can get pretty cold in villages in Quan Ba, Dong Van, and Meo Vac districts. Especially at night, when almost no hotels or homestays have heaters. Tip: warm your body with some hot noodle soup for breakfast. It will feel better than ever.

Don’t forget about the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, Tet, happening between January and February. Local people will be on holiday and you will have a hard time finding any open restaurant or supermarket. In exchange, you will get the chance to see local celebrations and maybe get invited to eat and drink by some random family.

cold winter ha giang loop

April and May

The most pleasant weather, with 24 degrees as an average temperature in Ha Giang during the daytime. You will also find fewer travelers, as Vietnamese tourists usually don't come. Plus, during May, the farmers start irrigating their fields. You will be able to appreciate landscapes where the water that will nourish the rice plants works as a mirror of the impressive landscape.

ha giang loop rice fields

June to August

The so-called rainy season. All the weather forecasts will tell you there are gonna be thunderstorms and rain every day. But that's misleading!

To know what's really gonna happen, you just need to take a look at the degree of variation between days. If it's more than 3 degrees, then it's for real. A big rain is coming. Be careful and don't slip. If not, just go ahead without worrying too much. Wear light casual clothes, suncream to avoid getting sunburnt, and take a raincoat (just in case). It will be as hot as 30 degrees.

About the landscape, on a normal day in Ha Giang get ready to see the greenest rice fields in villages like Tam Son (Quan Ba). Also, the waterfalls and rivers will look great, full of water, waiting for you to jump inside and refresh yourself.

September and October

The temperatures start to drop, as low as 27 degrees during midday. The rice fields terraces take a beautiful yellow golden color. Don't rule out some rain. It's especially interesting to visit all the areas around Quan Ba district, Khuy my (near the city) or, if you have time, see Hoang Su Phi, which is in the opposite direction to the loop. Hoang Su Phi is still considered a hidden gem in Ha Giang, with rice terraces that can be compared to Sapa.

November and December

Acres of green fields blossom simultaneously with purple and white petals, creating a dreamy effect in this amazing landscape. It's Ha Giang's buckwheat flower festival. It's gonna be cold -pleasant in Ha Giang city- during November but hard in some remote areas in the north of the Loop (as low as 5 degrees at night!). Especially, the weather in Ha Giang in December can be freezing. Get ready!

The skies will be clear, anyway, so it's gonna be sunny. Pack warm clothes and, if you are lucky, you will even see the snow near Meo Vac.

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