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The 5 best restaurants in Tuyen Quang city

Tuyen Quang is known throughout Vietnam for many festivals such as the Thanh Thuyen Festival (mid-autumn), Ha Temple Festival, and Long Tong Festival (organized by the Tay ethnic group). Thousands of Vietnamese people come to Tuyen Quang province every year to enjoy these celebrations and have a good time with friends and family. Also, those tourists stop by before going to Ha Giang or Sapa.

So, if you arrived in the city and are looking for decent food, we present you the top 5 restaurants you must try before you hit the road:


The best pizza you'll find in the city and in a way you've never seen before: rolled. The restaurant was opened by a foreigner and a Vietnamese who wanted to bring the real taste of the West to the city. They cook pizzas from scratch, using only fresh and natural ingredients.

Their menu is wide, consisting of pizza, pasta, fried chicken, and a variety of drinks. They have many tables (inside and outside), so it's a good place to stop by, no doubt.

Address: 102 Binh Thuan Street, Tuyen Quang City

Dũng Cá restaurant

Floating restaurant right on Lo River. Super fun place to enjoy the cool air and fresh fish. It is carefully prepared by the chef and is one of the most famous restaurants in Tuyen Quang city.

Address: Floating restaurant on Lo River, opposite to Tuyen Quang supermarket (next to Tam Co market).

Restaurant BBQ 1688

Its location is not difficult to find. It is right near Tuyen Quang lake. It is the most convenient place if you are looking for a BBQ or hotpot buffet with the freshest meat and seafood. The taste is insane, even better than most restaurants in Hanoi, but with an extremely cheap price (135k / 1 person).

The space is also very spacious for you to gather with friends and family.

Address: 1 Dinh Tien Hoang, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang city

Cơm Văn Phòng Buffet 30 Món - Lão Đại

In recent years, this restaurant has become one of the top choices for both locals and ex-pats looking for delicious local food. In this restaurant, you can find a variety of meats and vegetables, cooked fresh every morning. It is cheap and in a very central location.

Address: 110 Xa Tac, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang city

Tasty noodle restaurant

Delicious noodle restaurant in Tuyen Quang with affordable prices. It's only open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., so come enjoy it before it's too late. It's the right place if you feel hungry for breakfast.

You can find noodle dishes at very affordable prices (with beef, the best). Clean space, friendly owner.

Address: No. 10, Hong Thai Street, Group 8, Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang city.

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