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Map of Ha Giang Loop

We assume that you are currently in Ha Giang and may be wondering how to fully enjoy the Loop. Planning your trip well is essential to ensure a successful journey. Fortunately, we have been exploring this area non-stop since 2017 and are confident in our ability to guide you through it.

By using our map, you will have access to an authentic, unspoiled, and breathtaking route. Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Let's begin!

The Ha Giang Loop Map - An Overview

The map outlines the recommended route to follow, main villages, hidden gems, and natural paradises along the way.

  1. Recommended route: While you can choose your own route, most travelers typically follow this itinerary for the Ha Giang Loop: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac, and then returning to the city via Duong Thuong. However, if you're seeking a more secluded experience, consider starting from Duong Thuong, traveling to Du Gia, and spending your first night in Meo Vac.

  2. Main villages: These are the biggest towns where you will find the main hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc. In any case, if you want to explore the real Ha Giang, try to sleep in one of these traditional homestays.

  3. Hidden gems: These villages showcase the real life of Ha Giang's ethnic minorities, as well as the history that is written on the walls of their ancient houses. By visiting these hidden gems, you will gain a deeper understanding of the culture and history of the region. Our post 'The Ultimate Guide to Ha Giang Loop' will provide you with all the information you need to explore these beauties.

  4. Others: We also signaled here interesting spots, such as the main passes, forests, or historic buildings. You will find more info on them here.

Now you got all that you needed to know. Print this map, save it on your phone, and share it with your travel buddies. When you end the Loop, we will be waiting for you at PIZZA HERE..

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