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5 Authentic Gifts from Ha Giang to Bring Home

Was Ha Giang one of your best trips ever? We feel you (I and my wife even decided to move here in 2021). This fantastic destination concentrates on the most impressive landscapes and ethnic minorities in Southeast Asia. An unforgettable experience that leads you to one question: Is there any gift I can buy in Ha Giang?

Fortunately, Ha Giang still didn’t get enough tourists to have magnets, keychains, or any kind of typical souvenir. This gives you a chance to be more creative when choosing presents for your family, friends or even for yourself. This is the top list of gifts you should buy before you leave Ha Giang province:

1. A Legendary Fabric

In Lung Tam village (Quan Ba district), locals have been making traditional garments with flax for a long time ago. Made from scratch, dyed using no chemicals, and representing oral stories and legends from the Hmong people, the Hop Tien Linen Cooperative creates dresses, bags, purses, pillowcases, or tablecloths. Her head, Vang Thi Mai, has succeeded in preserving, promoting, and helping flourish this traditional way to weave, which includes 21 different stages.

2. One Piece of Jewelry

Rings, coins, necklaces, bracelets… In Lao Sa village, the Mua family has been casting silver for the last hundred years. They’re the only ones doing it in the whole province, and that’s why they became pretty famous among the local people. Their designs recall the legends and past history of the Hmong people, who once migrated from China, escaping the persecution of the Qing Dynasty, and establishing in the high-terrain areas of north Vietnam.

Just pass by and let the relatives show you the variety they have available. This is the address. They normally take one day, at least, to create a small piece of jewelry, but sometimes they have stock to sell. In any case, you will be able to see directly how they work, which is fascinating.

3. A Jar of Mint Honey

Maybe you’ve already seen them and didn’t realize it. But mint blue-colored flowers grow wildly in the mountains of Ha Giang province, about 2000m above sea level. In the past, local people capped honey for domestic use, as it has an attractive flavor and high quality. Now, it’s also being sold in small markets or in the road.

Harvest season goes from November to December in the high mountains, so it’s when you will get it fresher. If you are looking for a good one, which comes from beautiful fields in Meo Vac district, ask PIZZA HERE staff (we keep some for guests who already finished the loop).

4. A Bottle of ‘Happy Water'

If you already fell into the ‘Mot, hai, ba’ trap, this is your chance to let your friends and family suffer too. Corn wine has a strong smell and taste, sometimes difficult to bear, becoming an unforgettable gift for those who will receive it. You can get a bottle of A Pao or Thanh Van in almost every OCOP store in Ha Giang.

If the hangover was so hard that your stomach can’t even handle smelling it again, you still have the amazing ‘Tam Giac Mach Bia’, one beer brewed in Ha Giang from buckwheat seeds. Feel free to ask PIZZA HERE staff to know where to find it (it’s not easy, and stores change in no time).

5. A meaningful tattoo

You can get a tattoo in Ha Giang city or in Hanoi. We give you some ideas of what would make sense:

So, this is all. Did you make your choice? If you have any doubts, just message us. We are happy to help!

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